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Protect Yield with a Crop Protection Plan for 2017

Titan Pro
December 9, 2016

Knowing which seed and herbicide selections performed best this year will help you plan effectively for next year. You’ve evaluated seed choices and crop protection plans, scouted your fields, and kept a close eye on the yield monitor during harvest. Now you can record what you’ve learned and use that information to move forward to the decision-making process that lies ahead.

1) Observations at the end of the season are critical for 2017

Review the performance of this year’s herbicide and disease protection program in your fields.  A well-planned crop protection program proves valuable at harvest. Each year brings different challenges.  Observations over several years establishes potential for consistently higher yields. Many of the highest yielding soybeans are those that were planted into clean fields. Starting clean helped them overcome early season competition that resulted in lower yields.

Your weed, disease, and insect challenges from 2016 should connect to your seed choices for 2017. If you grow conventional corn and saw major weed escapes during harvest, a change in herbicide modes of action may be right for your system.

2) Know YOUR challenges and prepare for 2017

Today’s diversity of pest challenges between production systems demands a customized script for each grower. Proactive planning gives you the best chance of overcoming your competition on your farm in 2017. The pest influences that hindered your crop yield in 2016 are likely to return or intensify in 2017. Reacting to challenges as they happen can mean “too little too late” after bushels are lost and profitability is reduced.  Your Trusted Advisor at Tian Pro can help you build a crop protection plan based on what’s right for YOUR acres.

An effective herbicide program includes layered residual control and multiple modes of action. This eliminates gaps in weed control and safeguards against resistance development. Foliar health programs should include a fungicide that provides broad-spectrum, residual control. A product that offers curative and preventive activity will provide maximum return on investment.

3) Work with Titan Pro as YOUR Premier Partner

Today’s grower realizes that seed selection and crop protection products are part of a comprehensive approach to higher yields.  Your team at Tian Pro partners to provide unbiased broad based solutions tailored to your specific needs. The complexity of avoiding threats to increase yields demands the understanding of how one product selection affects another.  Prioritizing yield potential during your seed selection may come at the expense of disease susceptibility. Titan Pro will collaborate on a disease control programs that maximizes return on investment and increases your crop potential.

4) Summary

Following through with the plans you make is just as important as making them to begin with. You can plant the best seeds on the market, but unless you are committed to safeguarding that genetic potential, you may not reap the benefits you expect.

Today's grower realizes that seed selection and crop protection products are part of a comprehensive approach to higher yields.