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2020 Fertility Strategies | Part 1

Titan Pro
January 9, 2020

Looking ahead to 2020, the fertilizer prices are the lowest in over a decade. Supply should be favorable moving into 2020 but anticipate temporary logistics-based price spikes in season, especially MAP and DAP. A larger corn crop is intended for 2020 which will also put upward price pressure on fertilizers.


Plan for Missing Nutrients
In field conditions prevented fall soil sampling use yield maps to determine which nutrients were removed from the field.

Iowa State University Extension | General guide for crop nutrient & limestone removal rates in Iowa:
200-bushel corn: 64 lbs. P205; 44 lbs. K20
60-bushel soybeans: 43 lbs. P205; 72 lbs. K20

Soil samples can be taken in the spring, but it’s best to collect soil samples the same time of the year each season.

Maximize soil fertility by practicing the¬†“4 R’s of Nutrient Stewardship”:

  1. Right Source
  2. Right Rate
  3. Right Time
  4. Right Place