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Fertilizer – Beyond Bulk

Titan Pro
January 4, 2017

As we inch closer to the 2017 season, we continue our conversations of increased profitability, greater return on investment, and higher yields.  One aspect of our crop production practices we have not given enough attention to is a complete nutrition plan. All of us, at one time, have sat down and tried to decipher soil test results only to come up with a basic phosphorus and potassium recommendation.  Although these nutrients are an integral part of a crop fertility plan, they do not paint the entire picture and many times we are left with sub-par results.  To receive the full benefits of adding fertility to your crop, you must complete the program.

Titan Pro has continued to stress the importance of the sixteen essential nutrients for crop production.  These nutrients play a critical role in the crop from germination to grain fill.  A small deficiency could mean anything from poor pollination, to severe stalk degradation, to reduced yields.  Because of this, we begin this season by not only talking about a successful crop protection plan, but also the role our fertility plan plays.

Titan Pro offers a wide range of products to meet the in-season delivery needs of all macro and micro nutrients.  The term “Micro-nutrient” has taken on a bad name in the past, and many times the value of these nutrients is overlooked due to the small levels required by the plant.  However, they are just as important to the final yield of the crop as their macro-nutrient counterparts.  Many of the products in our lineup offer several high-level nutrients at a low use rate.  Whether it is needed in bulk or in a smaller package size, we have you covered to meet the specific needs of your operation.

There are a few key points to consider when determining what products will provide the best return on investment:

1. What are your needs?
By consulting local data, soil types, and available test results; you can narrow down the list of available products into a smaller list.  By starting with your basic needs and building, you can develop a field specific plan that will cover all your crop fertility needs

2. What does your most recent soil test say?
Many times, the missing link in our crop can be explained by the pH of the soil.  Different nutrients are available at different levels as our soil pH fluctuates up or down.  Because of this, a product that works in Eastern Illinois may not be the right fit for Central Nebraska.

3. What time of year are you applying your nutrients?
Some nutrients aid in a very specific way during the crop year.  Boron for example, plays a big role in pollination.  So, if you were applying a boron product with a fungicide at brown silk, you might not get the best return possible.

Through our dealer network, we have compiled an impressive list of on-farm testimonials from customers around the Midwest.  Every year, we ask those connected through our system to share their experiences, whether it be good or bad, so we can make the proper recommendations moving forward.  Please reach out to your local Titan Pro representative to find the right product needed for your individual acre.

To receive the full benefits of adding fertility to your crop, you must have a complete nutrition plan