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Importance of Tank Cleaner

Titan Pro
April 29, 2020

Cleaning your spray tank often, especially right after you finish spraying is critical. Cleaning a sprayer is a lot like dirty dishes; the longer both sit, solids become hardened on the surface. For sprayers it becomes a significant problem that leaves unwanted residue in the tank, boom, screens, and nozzles.

Cleaning spray tanks takes extra time and work during time sensitive application seasons; however, tank cleaning prevents leftover chemical residue contamination from being sprayed in the field causing costly crop damage.

When cleaning a sprayer, the primary concern is to attain three objectives. These include diluting the active ingredient below damaging concentrations, deactivating the herbicide, or removing the herbicide from the sprayer system.

The main culprits that cause sprayer contamination have the following properties:

  • Dry formulations
  • Poor water-solubility
  • Potent in low doses

Proteris™ Tank Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary tank cleaners.


  • Penetrates & removes residues
  • Solubilizes oily residues
  • Contains anti-corrosion inhibitors


  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Won’t damage equipment

Use Rates:

  • 2 qt/100 gal for heavy cleaning
  • 1 qt/100 gal for frequent maintenance cleaning

When it comes to sprayer tank clean‐out, please remember that the best information source is the product label. Sprayer clean‐out and maintenance are important for crop safety and should not be overlooked.