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Utrisha N (Nutrient Efficiency Optimizer)

Titan Pro
June 2, 2023

Increase your crop’s nitrogen use efficiency and boost your yield potential with Utrisha® N.

Utrisha® N is a unique biological solution that converts atmospheric nitrogen into a form that corn and soybean plants can utilize. This unique biological from Corteva offers you peace of mind, by knowing your crop has ready access to nitrogen, regardless of the weather conditions.

A few things that make Utrisha N a great solution…

  • Provides a season-long, weatherproof source of nitrogen
    – No plant energy required
    – No potential for nitrogen loss (weatherproof N source)
    – Limits the chance of N becoming the yield limiting factor
  • Offers crop use flexibility
    – Labeled on corn, soybeans, wheat, and many other crops and vegetables
  • Improves application flexibility
    – Does not require any special application equipment
    – Ability to apply later in the season when the crop needs it: Corn V4-V8, Soybeans R1-R3
    – Biocompatibility testing and confidence to tank mix with many herbicides, fungicides, and more

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