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Importance of Compatibility Agents

Titan Pro
April 23, 2020

The 2020 application season has started! To make applications easier with the cold weather, please consider adding the Proteris Compatibility Agent in the tank to prevent the formation of “cottage cheese” precipitates in the sprayer.

The Proteris Compatibility Agent optimizes compatibility and prevents the formation of solids that plug sprayer lines, screens, and nozzles, which eliminates serious applicator down time in the field. The Proteris Compatibility Agent should be added to challenging tank mixes.

Proteris Compatibility Agent Benefits

  • CPDA-certified and industry tested
  • Makes sprayer clean-out easier and faster
  • Reduces cross-contamination risk
  • Aids in re-suspension of tank mix partners that settle-out
  • Improves spray solution coverage
  • Reduces spray solution pH
  • Easy use rate of 1-2 pints per 100 per gallon of solution

Mixing With Fertilizer
Most products were designed to mix in water, not fertilizer. Not to say one can’t mix most everything with fertilizer, just be careful because each batch of fertilizer is slightly different, sticky, and carries foreign material in it.

Proteris Compatibility Agent Should Be Used With..

  • UAN tank mixes with herbicide
  • UAN/ATS tank mixes with herbicide
  • All pre-emergence herbicide tank mix applications for corn
  • Liquid starter and insecticide tank-mixes
  • Cold water and/or hard water
  • Atrazine and other clay-based products